Feel yourself in the role of pristine shooter, it repents that this is impossible, but this game will prove to you the opposite. Your task is to conquer the opponent’s base, it has a large number of weapons and a multitude of soldiers. You will have to fight alone, but you will have all the weapons that you can imagine. The game takes place on a spaceship, you are in space and everything around is clouded with a veil of secrecy. Suddenly, a new object appears on your radars, it will immediately become clear that it is hostile. Is there a chance to get out alive, it seems not, but the whole ship is on your side.
The game is a set of levels that are aimed at improving your abilities. After each victory, the system automatically moves to a new stage, where you must wake up to fight a new enemy. He will be very strong, but you have enough strength to fight him. The game is suitable for those who love fast strategy, not afraid of sudden turns and embarrassing moments. Play along with your friends, set up a double game and win together.

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