Rodeo Stampede

Spin the lasso and open the hunt for animals! In the new game “Rodeo Stampede unblocked” you are waiting for an incredibly cool adventure. You will become a brave cowboy who knows how to handle a lasso and is not afraid of anything. You will go to the wild, where you will see many animals. Jump from one animal to another and move around until a new beast is caught. Remember that it is impossible to ride a long time on one animal and each beast has its own limit. Saddle a lion, a zebra, an elephant and other exotic animals using your agility and quick response.

Each animal has special skills that will facilitate your task. For example, an elephant can rush forward and destroy all obstacles in its path. A hungry tiger will burst all the animals that just come to hand. But the eagle will carefreely soar in the clouds and all the obstacles to it nothing. All animals that you can tame will be sent to the amazing Heavenly Zoo. Collect the largest collection of animals and become a rodeo master. Good luck!

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