Armor Mayhem

Game “Armor Mayhem” – armored fighter. For more than one century, there has been a stellar conflict of many galaxies for eternal energy crystals, giving immortality and full power in the entire universe. The main thing is that these crystals do not fall into the hands of greedy and bloodthirsty individuals.

To save the galaxy on the uncharted planet landed equipped with the latest weapons and protection space fighter. His task is to find these unfortunate energy crystals.

Armored fighter awaits exciting adventures and battles. Dangers lurk at every step in the form of similar, blood-hungry fighters, and the deadly mechanisms of the planet’s landscape, which are ready to grind the warrior between gears and millstones at any moment.

The quality of this unblocked games performed at a decent level. Especially impressive is the musical accompaniment, which gives a feeling of our presence in this fantastic world.

Control of the game is carried out by the buttons on the keyboard W, A, S, D – movement of the fighter. Using the mouse – guidance and shooting.

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