Bandits Multiplayer PVP

Bandits Multiplayer PVP is a multiplayer game about the Wild West, in which anarchy captured a small city. All the cowboys went to war with each other, and you control one of the most deadly. You need to ride your robust horse around the landscape and destroy the other gangsters who will appear in your way.
When you ride a horse into battle, you can use a selection of different types of weapons to shoot at other thugs. Use your bow, sword or pistol to destroy your opponents.

3D multiplayer game;
Three map options;
Six game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Battle Royale, zombies, survival, arcade and deathmatch;
Three weapon options;
Three horses.
1,2,3: weapon

WASD or arrow keys: move

Spacebar: jump

Shift: run

Left or right mouse button: Attack 1 or 2

Tab: pause

T: chat

M: card

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