Bowman 2

Forest, trees and two archers. Here’s what picture you will see when you enter the Bowman 2 game for two. This game has a shooting genre, so here you have to shoot at the enemy. This is a real battle, as you have to fight with a friend, unless of course he wants. You need to prove who shoots clearer and gets clearer. This toy is created for two players, so you will not be bored, like your friend.

If you are attracted to high-quality flash graphics and an interesting story, then you have got to the right flash drive. The arrows in this toy will fly slowly, so you will certainly need to pick up the strength of the shot and the angle of inclination. The main goal in this shooter is the destroyed enemy, and how you do it depends on your abilities. Enjoy your shootout, do not give the enemy a chance to win!

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