Burnout Drift 2

Burnout Drift 2: is a real drift and a great unblocked game for those who love car racing. Before you go on the track and start the competition, you can first set up your car – you can adjust the suspension, the angle of inclination of the body, etc. according to your driving style. In addition, you can also adjust its color. You can practice drifting on three different tracks, each of which differs in its weather conditions and traffic patterns. The roads have amazing turns and long wide bends, which you can gracefully walk on a drift. You score points for each successful drift, and the longer the drift, the more points you earn. Your score multiplier increases the longer you drift, but is reset if you hit the sidelines, so be careful! The coins that you earn during the race can later be used to improve your car and buy new and more powerful supercars. Can you deserve to be a drift legend in this long-awaited sequel to Burnout Drift?

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