Burnout Drift

In steep races called Explosive Drift, you need to earn a reputation and respect due to your racing skills. You have just arrived in an unfamiliar city and begin to ride along its streets. Very soon, you will meet local riders who call on the race. After a couple of losses, they explain that in order to win, you must master the art of drift. This is a controlled skid of the car, which allows you to enter any turns with minimal loss of speed. You need a certain machine for drifting, but that’s not all. It must be properly set up and only then learn to drift. This is where you start by purchasing your first drift car. At first, it will be very difficult, because you need to learn how to feel the car, but as you do this, it will be possible to compete in races. After several victories, declare yourself at the local championship, where the best racers gather. By this time it is better to improve your skills, then there will be a big chance to win. In the meantime, start small and move to victory!

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