Color Switch




Color Switch is a casual puzzle game that seems simple at first glance but turns out to be one of the most hardcore games on mobile devices.

The gameplay is utterly simple – it is necessary to pass the ball through the faces and segments of geometric figures that are painted in the same color as the ball, by pressing the screen. In the initial levels, the game allows you to relax and calmly go stage by stage, but as you progress through obstacles, it ceases to be an easy walk. And the player will have to make every effort to reach the final.

At each subsequent level, the user is waiting for a new sequence of obstacles. The sequence of obstacles varies slightly, but this does not make the passage easier. With each new obstacle the probability of loss increases. Therefore, the player is required to use all the reaction speed, motility and attentiveness. To help the user will serve various bonuses that serve easier progress through the levels – mainly the change in the color of the ball.

Color Switch is minimalist from the point of view of graphics but difficult from the point of view of gameplay game, which will cause interest to many users who prefer hardcore gameplay.

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