Counter strike 1.6

Boys of all ages love the old, good classics CS unblocked game. Therefore, we could not ignore the legend of the game – “Counter-Strike 1.6.” Already more than one generation has grown on it. It all started in computer clubs, where companies of teenagers spent hours deciding who was stronger — a counter-terrorist or a terrorist.
Everyone had their favorite weapon, which seemed to be the best in the game, and many card players knew by heart. Although now it is already replaced by a newer version – “Counter-Strike GO”, but all the same, as they say, the classics are not getting old and there are still a lot of fans left. If you do not remember this game, then it is definitely worth your attention, be sure to plunge into this wonderful atmosphere.
Get ready to fight online with players from around the world. Favorite maps and a set of ​​weapons are waiting for you. The basic rules are as follows: there are two teams: terrorists and counter-terrorists. The battle goes on until one of them kills all members of the opposite gang, or until the bomb explodes. Alerts that the bomb is set will be heard by all players. If after it you do not have time to defuse the bomb in the allotted time, the loss is inevitable. For each round won, you earn money, spend it to buy weapons. Additional income can be obtained for the rescue of hostages. Try to act as a team, and not rush headlong ahead. Only in this way can you reach your goal and win.

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