Cowboy Brawl

Each of us at least once watched a cool western about fearless cowboys. Looking at how they masterfully controlled with a revolver, I wanted to become one of them. Turning into a cool hero and putting gangsters and criminals in place was the dream of every fan of westerns. In the game “Cowboy Skirmish”, you can try on the role of a brave hero and a valiant peace officer.

How to play?
The unblocked game has two game modes – for two and against the computer. You will be able to fight against artificial intelligence, or invite friends and arrange a real tournament. It will be very fun and just mega cool! So are you ready? Then, we begin! On the roof of the train on both sides will be two cowboys on horseback. One of them will be your character, and the second – a rival. The guys will move their hands up and down, and you must seize the moment and shoot at the enemy. It will not be easy, but a pair of well-aimed shots will do their job. Also, you can ride a horse on a moving train to catch bonuses that will appear from time to time. You can get a new weapon or freeze the enemy. Wins the one who first score five points. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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