Death Chase

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Death Chase is the highest level of professionalism and adrenaline, not everyone can participate in them, by the way, not everyone will even agree to this. Only the best can fight and survive in a difficult and crazy race without any rules and restrictions. You want to ram your opponents Рno problem, shoot them with weapons Рyes, please send a homing missile in the wake of your opponent Рyou can, too, but what if you just saw the enemy’s car? All this is available in the game РDeath Chase.

Be prepared to accept the challenge and join, perhaps, the last race of your life. The main goal of the game is to ride off-road, jump from steep and very high jumps, doing various tricks and collecting coins. Performing tricks you get nitro, it is used automatically as soon as the right amount is typed. Know that you must defeat other riders at all costs, even if it requires the destruction of their cars. The game has a very large selection of cars ranging from the simplest, oldest and ending with modern racing cars. The more levels you pass, the better the car you can open. For each, various improvements are available that can be installed for money earned in races. Taking first places, you have a chance to get crystals for which you can install rocket and firearms. Improve your car the very first and increase your chances of survival. If you are ready to tickle your nerves, do not waste your time in vain, sit back and go to the world of crazy races. Good luck

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