Dragon Simulator 3D

Dragons are fantastic creatures that came to us from myths and legends. We often read about them in fairy tales or saw them in cartoons. But now the big fire-breathing dragons migrated into the virtual world.

How to play?
In the unblocked game “Dragon Simulator 3D”, you will go to the Middle Ages, where dragons were the main enemies of mankind. To start the game, you should choose the gender of the dragon and his name. Also, you can choose the element that your dragon will symbolize: nature, fire, water or air. Now you can start!

Ahead of you are waiting for amazing adventures in the land of settlers. This land used to belong to dragons. But one-day people occupied it. They settled here and arranged a large settlement. People began to build houses, raise livestock, and soon occupied the entire territory. But dragons are not ready to put up with this state of affairs and begin to hunt for people.

In the dragon game, you will play a powerful dragon who is able to destroy entire settlements with his fiery breath. You have to complete various quests to earn money and increase the level of your dragon. You can spend gold on upgrading the dragon or increasing its characteristics. But having pumped your ward to a certain level, you can create a family for him. Kill animals and collect meat to feed yourself and your flock. Your dragon has its own den. There he will collect and store the most valuable finds and treasures from around the world, which will help him become invincible and gain power. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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