Good Guys vs Bad Guys

Special Forces Against Terrorists is an online 3D shooter unblocked game. We choose a side of power that is attractive to us and participate in an unreal batch. Awaken the fury of war!

How to play:
The game task in Special Forces Against Terrorists is to dominate the map with firepower and collect as many frags as possible. Become a leader in this crazy shooter. For us, a complete combat arsenal is immediately available. Try it in the battle to choose the weapon that is most convenient for you. Create maps yourself or take part in existing battles. Special Forces Against Terrorists is a tactical battle, and it is better if you cooperate with your team. To do this, call your friends in the game! Friendlier is zero here. Practice shows that two who hide and cover each other are much more dangerous than three or four loners. Good luck

WASD and space for movement
Click for attack
Right click for sight
Shift for running
Numbers 1-8 for the choice of weapons

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