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“Creepy Scream of Granny: Scary Freddy” is a cool horror granny game where you will feel fear of taste. You have to choose a monster that will become your pursuer – crazy granny Granny or a butcher maniac named Freddy. The complexity of the game will depend on your choice. Granny is the standard mode, and Crazy Grandpa Fred is the difficult mode. For beginners, it is better to choose a practice mode where you can explore the mansion while the maniacs are not at home.

So, the choice is made and the horror begins! You will come to your senses in a strange empty room without the slightest idea of ​​what you are doing here and who you are. The unknown scares, but most of all you will be scared by the sounds that come from the corridor. Something terrible is happening behind the door and you need to escape. To begin, explore the room and, as soon as the monster approaches the door, hide under the bed. As soon as the maniac leaves, you can leave the room.

To escape from a scary house you need to look for various objects that will help you open doors, tear down boards and more. But be very careful with objects, because if something falls, then Granny or Freddy will hear you and will run into the noise even worse than before. Also, monsters will set traps all over the mansion and you should be extremely careful not to fall into the trap.

In the difficult mode, other victims of maniacs will run around and you will observe how a crazy butcher shreds the unfortunate with a chainsaw. You can hide from it in cabinets, under the bed or in the ventilation pipes. To get rid of the persecutors for a while, you need to lure one of them into the torture room and close him there. Also, the gun will be able to knock out the enemy for three minutes. You will have five days to escape from this creepy place. Good luck …

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