happy wheels 3

A faint-hearted request to pass by and not include this unblocked game. But those who love all the bloody, but at the same time understand that it is just a game and do not be afraid, we recommend to quickly include happy wheels 3 unblocked and plunge into the world of cruelty and fun. The application looks very realistic, and for this low nod to the developers, as the image must be adhered to the end.

If you are ready, then rather choose a character, which will drive on the most dangerous and brutal race track. They may be a disabled grandfather and a fat woman with a stroller from the supermarket. There are other characters that will interest you, but you have to see them with your own eyes. No matter which one you choose, your victims will drive on your instructions solely on their vehicles. It can be both a bicycle and a wheelchair. We will have to wind up more than one lap on the track, which is all showered with some sharp blades and other traps. All these spikes and needles can tear off the riders’ limbs, but they still continue to participate in the race. Try to minimize such an ill for his hero, and then he will definitely get to the finish line first.

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