Mad GunZ

The game Mad GunZ is a block online shooter unblocked game for boys who love pixel graphics. Want hot battles and shootings? Then this is a team shooter for you! Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of crazy online first-person shooter, which has many unique features! A game for those who love guns, animals and various silly things!

Burst into the arena where crazy battles are already underway and destroy everything in your path. You have to fight not only with real players, but also with roosters, wolves or octopuses. You have a whole arsenal of weapons, ranging from the classic AK, a pistol to a huge candy and a magic wand. The game is also divided into several modes, namely: Multiplayer, Challenge, Arena, Royal Rumble, Adventure and Editor. Each mode is interesting in its own way and has its own rules and objectives. For example, in the test mode, you will take part in the battle, which lasts 3 minutes, and the winner is the one who gets the most kills. In the royal battle mode, you will be landed on a parachute map, after which you need to look k for armor, weapons and resources. Try to find a safe place or create shelter to remain the last surviving player. Adventure mode is also very interesting, because you go on an exciting journey with your cat.

In the game, there is also a shop where, having gold coins and crystals, you can buy various weapons, supplies, ammunition and even change the appearance of your hero. Play, win and earn more coins. Suck your character and become the coolest hero in this block world. Good luck!

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