Pixel Gun Apocalypse

Pixel Gun Apocalypse 3D is a cool online unblocked game for boys, in which everything is based on blocks from the famous Minecraft game. This is one of the most popular games of past years, however, the blocks were popular even earlier. Now, the Pixel Gun: Apocalypse super shooter has been created, where the last word means that you will fight against bloodthirsty zombies.

The game mode is only multiplayer, so each of the players can be in the role of a zombie or an experienced fighter. Also in the game is available the classic mode without zombies, where you can play against other players.

The game offers us 8 different maps and 2 game modes: “team” and “each for himself.” After choosing a game region, you can create your own map or join a stranger. Usually, in the list of previously created cards, you can select any game with any number of players. Join the game and choose one of the teams: good guys or bad. To win, one of the teams must score more points than the other. To achieve victory, you need to kill as many players from the enemy team as possible.

The main feature of the game are beautifully constructed and well-designed maps that are created in the style of blocks and resemble Minecraft. Fans of pixel graphics and all boys, without exception, the game should certainly like it.

Choose weapons for battle and start shooting. Stay with your team members and open aimed fire at enemies. Earn the maximum number of “kills” and try not to die. Each player in the team can change the outcome of the battle and lead his teammates to victory, so you need to try and play as best as possible. Good luck, guys!

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