Rescue Six

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The game “Shooters: Rescue of Six” is a first-person shooter with an amazing storyline, beautiful graphics and an epic gameplay. There was a disaster, a terrorist organization, in several places at once, took hostages for the purpose of ransom. Acting as a group is very dangerous, there may be losses among the civilian population, so a decision is made to use an elite military unit. Here you enter the game as a super soldier of the quick reaction group. Help him cope with all the difficult trials and save all the hostages.

The first point where you will be sent will be a country house, in which terrorists hold six hostages. Try to eliminate and clean the territory from them and ensure the safety of civilians. For this, at your disposal, there are many high-tech weapons and equipment. Use it to your advantage in order to complete the mission as soon as possible and free all the hostages. Do not forget that the terrorists captured people in two other places: a store and an office, because every second counts. Do not waste time in vain, think over and implement all your actions as quickly as possible, because only the lives of other hostages depend on you. Show your sober mind and fearlessness. Have a nice game!

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