Slap Kings

Put all things aside for later and slap a dozen or two opponents in the face of Slap Kings unblocked game! This amusing entertainment will cheer you up for a long time. Cool sparring in the slap awaits gamers in this fun. Take a better aim, swing wider, put all your strength into a slap and hit with all your might. The further your sparring partner flies away, the more points will fly to your game account.

Management in slap kings is intuitive, you only have to click the left mouse button. Follow the arrow on the stroke scale. Wait until enough strength is gathered for a powerful slap. Click with the mouse when the pointer is in the green zone of the scale. Great workout for your skill and attentiveness. Despite the monotonous gameplay, playing is not at all boring. After the end of the round, the enemy changes, and they respond differently to a slap in the face.

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