is a cool version with a popular story about virtual snakes. If you are impressed by the plots with their participation and the multiplayer mode is your favorite format of computer leisure, then this is a great way to spend time.

How to play
In Snake io, each player must make an effort to grow the largest individual in the location. To understand what position you are at the moment, just look at the counter. They will tell you how much you managed to eliminate your opponents during the passage.

Small snakes in snake have an advantage over large ones. And it consists in maneuverability. But, a dimensional snake can deftly wrap itself in a ring around its victim and in no hurry to destroy it. Try to constantly feed your character, this positively affects the length and reserves of acceleration.

Bear in mind that when you decide to pick up speed sharply, you will have to partially say goodbye to the existing mass. And the longer you accelerate, the more solid the losses will be. Trim your competitors and eat their remains. Management on the mouse, clicks are needed for additional. Options.

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