Social DisDancing

Whoever you will not meet on the streets of a big city, but which of them is safe, and who, on the contrary, is very dangerous and it is better not to come closer to such a person than a meter? It is very difficult to answer such a question, one might even say that it is impossible, therefore the hero of the three-dimensional simulator will try not to come closer to the inhabitants of a small town than by an outstretched arm. Help him cope with a crowded street and walk as far as possible and enjoy the fresh air!

How to play?
If you can avoid meeting with potential patients, the walk will end at a new level, and if not, you will have to go to the very beginning of the path and cross the traveled path again. While traveling through the city streets, each of the residents will try to touch you, they also want to communicate, but it is better to avoid touching. If the touch does happen, your hero will still have a chance to survive and continue the journey, but for this you will have to find several rolls of toilet paper or other similar bonuses. By the way, about bonuses, among the surprises on the streets you can pick up a board for skiing, such a find will significantly increase the chances of taking a walk longer, since you will have more opportunities to avoid a collision and keep your distance.

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