Stickman sniper Tap to kill

Snipers are people who can hit the chosen target from a rifle, even if it is many kilometers away from them. When shot, they take into account a lot of factors, because even a small wind can deflect a bullet by several centimeters. Today in the game Stickman sniper: Tap to kill we will be with you in the painted world and again meet the so loved by us hero Stickman. He was trained in a specialized school and now is a hitman who is in the service of the government. After all, there are such criminals who can not be put in jail. After all, they are in themselves power and deftly avoid punishment for their crimes. Our hero is fighting them and shooting them on behalf of the government. Today we will help you with this. Before us at the beginning of the screen will be the visible sheet with the task. Carefully consider it. It shows the number of goals and how they look. Then, picking up the rifle, study the place and find the target. Then through the optics, consider the target, and make a shot. It is best to aim at the head to hit the enemy with one bullet because the number of charges is limited. As soon as you destroy the target, you will pass the task. If you miss or get into civilian then the mission will fail and you lose the round.
Stickman sniper: Tap to kill game is quite interesting and is designed mainly for boys. Opening Stickman sniper: Tap to kill on our site, they will happily spend their hours of leisure playing it.

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