Super Hot

Usually, the name of the game is only remotely true. In this case, everything is fundamentally the opposite. Super Hot toy is incredibly cool and very hot, causing heightened interest, watch lovers of high-quality gaming projects. It is developed on the famous shooting unblocked Unity 3D engine, which a priori guarantees a high level of detail, excellent physics and convenient operation. But the developers went further and prepared you … well, find out for yourself by starting to play right now!

At first glance, the toy is a simulator of cool gameplay capabilities that the development team has managed to achieve. Here and the slow down time and the colourful exchange of fire with enemies, and great interaction with the environment. In all this, you feel an incredible drive that you want to continue to hold inside yourself! However, after a few game levels, the gamer will understand that what is happening in front of his eyes quite successfully develops into a certain sequence, revealing new features of the main idea. Despite the lack of colourful decorations, red and white shades can become the necessary minimum where you can place several important accents. For example, the combat system. Opponents are very nimble and very difficult to confuse. Only reaction speed and ideal tactics will help to get out of the battle unharmed. There is no health scale, so one missed shot will cost you your life. Weapon cartridges are not eternal, so it is not recommended to experiment with a physical model, aiming at third-party objects. At the same time, if there are no other options to destroy the rivals, the created environment can help to get a solid advantage. Game levels each time will offer more and more unique features that are incredibly addictive and cause exuberant delight.

Here you can play free online game “Super Hot”





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