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superfighters (Super Fighters) – this is a rather unusual unblocked game, resembling old rpg with elements of shooting, fights and other similar actions. Its main difference lies in the schedule, adapted to the atmosphere of zero years. The player will face the pixel world, plunge into the incredible adventures of street gangsters and participate in the coolest fights.

You can pass this shooter with a friend, just select the “for two” mode at the very beginning of the game. In addition, gamers are given a choice of several characters. This, in fact, the original possibilities end.

Such games as Superfighters are imbued with a nostalgic atmosphere, but at the same time, it is made in a rather brutal style. After becoming acquainted with the character, the gamer almost immediately will need to arrange night skirmishes or simply participate in them. It cannot be said that the main goal of the game is to kill as many rivals as possible – rather, the player must show his skills in street skirmishes.

Super Fighters – a game with simple controls, which is carried out by the arrows on the keyboard. Each of them denotes the corresponding action: left, right, jump and crouch. In addition, a gamer can shoot (NM), as well as throw a grenade (B) and beat with his fist (N). All this will help pass the night skirmishes and fights.

As already mentioned, there is an opportunity to play for two. When activating this mode, both gamers will be able to participate in the development of events, and then the Super fighter will definitely become easier to pass. In general, even one player will experience no particular difficulties on his way, although some levels are designed with a bunch of obstacles and enemies. Simplicity of control allows you to quickly get around the trouble and masterfully “settle” the nightly gunfights.

Superfighters game is atmospheric and bright. Although its main features lie in the fact that there is an opportunity to play “for two” and enjoy unusual graphics, it also has a lot of other nice details. For example, quite funny characters and unobtrusive melody in the background.

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