SURVIVING IN THE WOODS is a new wonderful unblocked game with beautiful graphics, which will certainly interest all the boys. Have you ever been to a forest alone? Surely everyone was. And they tried to stay in the forest and live there for at least a week, when at hand you have only an ax and some supplies. This game was created specifically so that everyone can test their survival capabilities, finding themselves a lonely person in a wild forest, far from civilization. To survive in a harsh forest, you need to build a shelter, but this is not so simple.

Start the game, pick up an ax and start chopping trees. Each felled tree gives you two decks that can be used in building a house. The place for your future construction is located on a small hill. Having lifted wooden decks begin construction. Each time the house will be brought to a new level of construction and it’s cool!

To build a house, you will need to do quite a bit of work, and if you manage to complete the construction, you will probably be able to survive alone in the forest. After all, being inside the house, you are not afraid of anything!

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