Zombie Shooter for Survival 3D

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The game “Zombie Shooter for Survival 3D” – takes the player to the modern city, which is full of roaming zombies. You play an armed soldier who must independently clean up several areas of this city, and for this you have to kill all the zombies and try not to die. The game is divided into missions, in each of which you need to kill a certain number of zombies. To do this, you have a gun and automatic, but they have a limited number of rounds. The game also has a shop with a huge selection of weapons and ammunition. You can buy body armor, grenades and the most various weapons including shotguns and machine guns.

So, in total, you have to go through 5 unique missions, and at the end of each mission you will meet with a big and strong zombie boss, which will not be easy to kill. Go through the mission and earn more money to quickly buy good weapons and uniforms. Roam the streets of the city and meet all the zombies a good portion of the lead. Try to aim at the head to kill enemies with a single shot. Shoot the red barrels, they will explode and kill all the zombies that are nearby. Get ready for this tough fight for the city. Survive will not be easy!

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