Zombotron 2

The game “Zombotron 2”, refers to the section of the zombie games. Although of course, one hundred per cent is not a game about zombies, the subject is very close. In this game, you will meet with monsters, with zombies, with skeletons in helmets and armed with machine guns. The plot of the game “Zombotron 2” is approximated as follows. Your ship crashes on an unfamiliar planet and as it turned out, on this planet full, a virus rages. The result of the action of this virus is that the dead rise from their graves and only a bullet to the head can put them back. Your character moves through the terrain, jumping over obstacles and shooting at anything that comes his way. The game has quite good graphics, very funny drawn monsters and zombies. The global goal in the game “Zombotron 2 ″, no. Your task is simply to survive and reach the end.

controle: mouse, keyboard

1 – player: awsd – movement, jump. Left mouse click – fire.

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