Zombs Royale

Zombs Royale io – stay the last player on the server. In this game, your main task is to survive at any cost. First, you and other people will be on the plane that will fly through the entire map. At any moment you can jump from it to the ground. After this your confrontation begins. You need to look for weapon crates to oppose other players. By default, you have absolutely no weapons. If you kill someone, you can pick up all his belongings. Each weapon runs out of ammunition, and therefore it is better not to waste it. And you can play a completely different tactic. Killing opponents is not necessary – you just need to find a good shelter in which you will be safe. Over time, most people shoot each other, and you need to get rid of the rest. In addition, after a couple of minutes of play, gas appears, which causes everyone to run to a certain zone.

W A S D – walk
Left mouse button – shoot
M – map
E – take

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